I find myself unattractive....

its kind of sad I'm thinking this now, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I know I'm not ugly, I really hate my nose but I'm like a 7/10 guy and I have an ok presonality but the thing is, I just come off as reserved and unable to talk really well and.. that's bringing me down. I think I kinda live in my own world sometimes, I'm an introvert but I don't want to be because that is the reason I'm just killing myself right now... I don't see why a girl would be interested in a guy like me.

im not sure what kind of answer I'm expecting from this or if it makes any sense but I'm in a rush and any comments would be helpful, thanks


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  • clear your head of all negative thoughts.think about all the qualities you and everyone around you loves.if you don't learn to love yourself how do you expect anyone else to?also you can't be so reserved you have to be more outgoing and you have to put yourself out there.if you want a girl to like you,appear more confident in yourself,smile and say hi more.girls love a guy who is confident in themselves its a huge turn on.good luck :)


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  • If you're a 7/10 then you are not unattractive. Some people wish they could be a 7. Everyone has something about themselves they don't like, nobody is perfect. Just be more confident. Look in the mirror and find something you like and focus on that. Buy some new clothes, get a haircut, work out and do something to feel good about you. Putting more effort into your looks makes you feel better about your looks. And don't have a negative view - look at yourself through rose colored glasses.

    • Honestly, I have this really unattractive nose. ever since I was like 7 years old I was self conscious about it. I would kill to have a rhinoplasty... all I would need is a seriously super minor change to it and it would look really good. nothing too extreme of course.. id never do that. otherwise I just have acne all the time but I'm gonna go to the doc soon and ask for something for it.so hopefully soon that will get fixed.

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  • Have you ever thought about changing your style at all? clothes, hair, etc.

    when you look in the mirror, you should be saying to yourself, that's the hottest guy in the world I'm looking at right now, not negative stuff. try it and see if that helps

    most guys are shy including me so don't think your the only one

    if you think you won't get any girls then you won't. change your attitude to a more positive one. keep believing that there is a girl out there for you.

    take risks. go up and talk to a girl. you're going to keep staying that way if you don't go out there and try stuff.

    think of it this way, do you like the way you are right now? if you are, ignore everything I've said. if you aren't try some things out like going to the mall or something and meeting some girls

    • Ive been trying to change my "style" a lot in the last year but I just can't find good clothes and I am ignorant on the topic of fashion... I have like 3 pair of jeans and like 2 shirts. I really tried buying shit but I'm just no good at picking the right stuff for me. I know I should go with a girl but honestly... I don't really have much girl friends that would go out of their way to help me especially since midterms are up and readingweek is coming up... but then again I'm just making excuses

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    • .................... yeahhhhh right. I know the basics like matching ur belt with your shoes.. and talking to girls in RL is nothing like talking to girls online. Online you have all the confidence and time in the world to say the right thing wheras in RL you actually have to be yourself knowing that she is looking at you and the way you move, talk whatver. This isn't good advice lol

    • link

      try that one out

      they also have a bunch more articles on other topics too

  • Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm extremely shy and I don't find myself attractive at all. But just this year, I have been asked out by several girls and I am in a relationship with someone I care about deeply. She finds me attractive, too. There's someone out there for you, whether you believe it or not.

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