Are you doomed in love if you're not attractive?

So lets say your not the most attractive person - is there no hope at all?

I notice the insecurity with people who consider themselves to not be very good looking - but the same people in that range of looks also get boyfriends and girlfriends.

So how much do looks really account do you think?


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  • everyone is attracted to different things so what one person considers unattractive other people may find attractive

    • yea I think it's weird how we can group off people as being " ugly" - unless it's like an obvious malformation, I don't think we can accurately depict who's really " ugly" and who's not - so I guess everyone ends up having a close chance at finding a partner - hot or not

    • yup I agree

      some of my girl friends think their husbands are so hot and I don't find them attractive at all

      so I guess it just depends on the person and what they like

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  • Nope - and the fact that there are so many ugly people in the world just proves it. If ugly people couldn't find partners, they wouldn't be able to make more ugly people, and everybody would be beautiful.

    Of course, there's no such thing as an ugly rich man...

  • Being genuine is more important in finding love than looks.

    Love based on lies and deciet is doomed love.

  • The harsh but honest truth is that being unattractive is a huge handicap if you're a girl. It's not great if you're a guy, but it's easier to overcome.

    • How come it's more handicap for women, when everyone acknowledges that it's always easier for a girl to get men?

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    • yea true

    • Yep.

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