How long does it take you to get ready?

In an average day. I know it usually takes longer if you're going somewhere special, but I'm just talking about going to school/work etc.

It used to take me close to an hour, but since I stopped doing my hair and just let it be natural, I'm out the door in 20 minutes usually.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I leave myself an hour and a half in the morning. In that hour and a half I:

    Eat breakfast

    Tend to my dog and my two cats

    Take a shower

    Mess around on the computer for a bit

    Get dressed

    Brush teeth

    Finish packing lunch (I usually prepare the main course of lunch the night before, as it's usually leftovers from dinner, but the side items I prepare in the morning while I'm making breakfast).


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What Guys Said 2

  • about one hour hour and a half. I hate being in a hurry so I take my time, check emails listen to some music and when I am ready I take shower dress up style my hair and I am done. Getting ready for a party takes the same amount of time as getting ready for school.

  • Depends like normally it'll take me less than 15 minutes but, if I'm going out to look good or a date it could take a little longer.


What Girls Said 8

  • Forever!

    No, it takes me normally an hour. Half of it is spent sleeping in the shower & trying to brush teeth at the same time.

    Hair and makeup 10 minutes and out that door.

    If it's somewhere formal or an intimate get together, than it can literally take forever.

  • Usually an hour and a half. The hair is what takes up the most time. If I got rid of that it would take me a little over half an hour.

    Shower: 15min

    Clothes: 5 min

    Hair: Anywhere from 20min to an hour and a half depending on what I'm doing to it

    Makeup: 5min

    Brushing Teeth and Cleansing Face: 10min

    Maybe I should shave my hair off. I would have so much time to do other stuff.

  • shower- 15 mins

    getting dressed- 2 mins

    make/eat food- 10 mins

    moisturizing, brushing hair, deodorant, sprays- 5 mins

    brushing teeth- 3 mins

    makeup- 15 minutes

    touchups, collecting belongings- 5 mins

    so 55 mins... lets say an hour lol

  • An hour is the least amount of time I can possibly take.There is nothing I can do to make it lessss.:(

  • 1 hour

    but 20 minutes of it is blow drying my hair and a full face of make up

    like you said if I'm in a rush I can be out in 20-30 though

  • I'm kinda slow so it takes me 30minutes to an hour

  • yeah now that my hair isn't keratin anymore it takes longer.

    it takes about 5-20 minutes to do makeup depending on if I am doing a good job or dragging it out or what

    about 5 minutes to wash up

    2 mnins to brush teeth

    10-20 to do hair.

    the thing is I often drag out my hair and makeup because I am listening to the radio..i will often apply some products, walk around, come back, etc.

    straight up probably 30 minutes if necessary.

  • about half a hour, just have thing prepared the night before.


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