Why guys wearing spandex such a taboo?

I have found spandex to be quite comfortable than I originally thought.

I am straight

I figure as long as I'm not out in public acting like a fool is one thing

Only places that it acceptable such as under armor shorts at the gym or something as long as it is not obscene. And wearing shorts over them of course.

Why has it become such a taboo for guys to wear

I known females can wear it any day anywhere and to me they look great I definitely do not mind that !

Just want to know why it is a taboo, when men where the ones who created the fabric originally.


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  • I don't think spandex on men is a taboo... I really don't care about it. I'm on track and every single guy on the team wheres spandex, and honestly, some of them actually look really. Good. Guys wearing spandex like, NOT at the gym or track is like, kinda rare... like I haven't seen many do that but I do not mind AT ALL. And it doesn't mean they're gay. my boyfriend wears spandex like, a lot actually and he looks great I guess lol. I don't care. Wear them if you want. They're awesome.

    • I agree they are awesome

      Now I understand why girls like leggings and yoga pants !

    • thanks for BA! :D yeah spandex are greatt.

    • No Problem and yes I agree Spandex is great !

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  • Its just weird, I mean I might wear it sometimes but for a guy I'd be like 'is he gay or something?' sorry but that's my honest answer


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