Have you ever seen someone with gorgeous eyes and average facial features deemed as hot?

I was just thinking how really gorgeous, rare colored eyes can really up your appearance. I've seen a couple of females who have average plain facial features with the exception of stunning eyes and because of those eyes, guys think they're hot. I remember one girl from a looong time ago. I went to high school with her, she was spongebob shaped with a square upper body and tiny leggs, flat chested, a little flabby, plain facial features yet the most gorgeous green eyes. They were so light that they almost looked blue. Guys thought she was hot and I didn't get it until I considered her eye color. I mean she's not ugly or anything but she's not this...



if the links don't work, it's April and Joanna from ANTM. I think those girls are absolutely stunning! They're faces are just interesting and their facial features are just rare. They are gorgeous!

Any truth to this theory?
April and Joanna are examples of stunning beauty. They're visual aids of beauty that comes together because of their collection of facial features and not just their eye color


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  • I don't think Aprils eyes are that special, joanna has nice eyes.

    • no no no, you mistunderstood. They're not examples of pretty eyes that make people think they're gorgeous. They're examples of gorgeous girls despite their eye color.

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    • well then tyra banks and I have different ideas of beauty

    • apparantly lol

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  • its true that some eyecolors make you look more interesting,hot, beautiful, whatever...

  • Yeah I'm nothing without my eyes, they are brown but their shape is unique.

    So I believe in this theory .. the eyes are the secret of beauty in the face, and then the nose. :P


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