I think I want a tattoo?

I used to cut on my thighs. Now I want a TWOLHA-type tattoo except on my upper thigh where I used to cut. It would look something like the writing on the left ( link ) except smaller and on my upper thigh.

I'm a little afraid I would regret it though...



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  • well, I definitely understand that you want to hide the scars (hope things are going better for you now, btw!). but you're smart to have the foresight of knowing you may regret it. I don't have any tats personally, because there's nothing I think I'd want now that I'll want when I'm 70. maybe I'd consider a memorial tattoo if someone close to me died, but that's about it. I'd recommend looking for something that's meaningful to you that you can be almost certain you won't change your opinion on. but you don't have to do it if can't decide on something. I assume your scars aren't visible with your clothes on, so really the only people who see them are people you sleep with. it might require an explanation the first time, but I don't think anyone will run for the hills over it. a girl I work with has VERY visible and big burn scars on one of her forearms. I still think she's sexy as all get out, haha. she wears short sleeves almost every day and just owns the hell out of it, I have so much respect for that. to be honest, I kind of forget they're there, and when I do see them, they don't stick out, it's just part of who she is as a whole. so don't be too self-conscious of them!


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  • Why do you cut on your thighs girl please stop this... ;(.

    Why a tattoo, a tattoo won't make you anything for real!

    It doesn't bring anything...

    What you just need is confidence, sorry to say so but it's really that.

    Don't hurt yourself please...

    Please don't.

    Why would you want to damage your body?

    Get out of it, live it the way you want it and grab your chances, that's life, the way you're doing itnow you're the loser in the game and I don't think you deserve to be one.

    Have to learn, have to try, have to know that I can be myself... it's a song.

    It's the only way to make others happy, trust me they got the same emotions as you...

    Don't make your world only more messed up, and I don't mean to just go against you I really want to help you, I'm not trying to be the wiser one out but I know it's so.

    I wish I could help you.

  • My thoughts are the same with any tattoo. I'm not a fan whatsoever. I think you probably should hold off on it until you're not so hesitant about it. Do you want a tattoo there to hide scars or something?


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