Why waste money on casual clothes?

I cannot understand how people pay 50 bucks for a t-shirt, instead of investing in shirts or suits or real shoes, not sneakers. I've bought expensive sneakers to resell, but I would never wear a 200 dollar pair of sneakers. I'm a shirt, white t shirt, jeans, and converse kind of guy, because really, what's the point of spending so much money on urban wear? A friend of mine has all the urban clothes and sneakers in the world, but when asked to bring a suit, he said he didn't own one.


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  • I stay away from clothing & handbags that are "trendy" because they lose value and "go out of style" weeks or months after being released, but, I don't mind splurging on classics.

    For instance, I wouldn't buy a spring-summer 2012 Chanel handbag because by May they'll be introducing the fall season, 12F items, but I'd gladly buy the Chanel flabbag 2.55 or WOC because they're classics that never go out of style and have been in style for over 40 years.

    When I buy converse, I won't buy the limited editions or special releases. I'll buy black, white, green and red.

    But there are certain casual items that I'll buy. I'll buy a different Lilly dress each week for football games/mixers, but I wouldn't buy trendy casual clothes from like, Forever21 or Papaya(cause they go out of style).

    I also don't mind splurging on pumps. I love Steve Madden but for sorority recruitment, my mom agreed to buy me 1-2 pairs of Louboutins(for Skit & preference) because they're the most comfortable and universal.

    I'll also splurge on jeans(although I'm a Levis girl). I don't mind spending money on True Religion or 7forallmankind(I don't care much for them though) cause they last forever and are worth the investment.

    Also, yoga pants are a good investment(lululemon)

    Ok, in short, if it's worth the investment I don't mind buying. I also don't mind buying t-shirts(graphic) from Walmart or Target.


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  • Let me put it to you simply

    People follow the fashion trend, what you see on the runway for men and women it comes out to be in stores/malls, and soon the whole world decides to buy those clothes, yes it is ridiculous to buy casual clothes, I myself am not into that sort of trend, I wear what I feel like not what people think is "fashion" or is in style.

    But "you live for the lifestyle".

  • I agree. Spend more on work clothes or a couple outfits for dates/ special events. Scrimp on all of the rest. Although if you are athletic, I could see the $100 sneakers thing happening.


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  • You have it totally backwards. You go to work for one reason - to earn money. Spending all that money on work clothes defeats the purpose. Sure, it's good to have at least one smart outfit for interviews/weddings/funerals/etc, but in general it's better to spend your money on something you get some enjoyment out of - such as clothes that you actually like, rather than just clothes that your boss is going to like (and that make you look like just another boring suit with no life outside of work).

    • Not really, my friend wastes all his money on clothes. He's always broke because of it.

    • If he's always broke, and unhappy because of it, then maybe it's not the smartest move - but it still makes more sense than wasting his money on suits/smart shirts/etc. And if he's broke but content, then there's no problem.

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