Can this be considered as a mafia outfit?

I'm going to this mafia themed party. I'm expecting the girls to wear the mainstream mafia clothes (the really short dress showing more than what should be shown in public).

However, the first time I heard that it was going to be a mafia themed party, the first outfit that came to me is the outfit alice wore on resident evil 2. (type alice resident evil 2 on google XD). Just some jeans, spaghetti strapped red shirt, leather shoes, and a net vest with loads of guns (of course they'd be fake ones).

When I search the net, every single site showed the mainstream outfit for the mafia and nothing was even close to my preferred costume.

I really want to wear this alice costume. But I'm not sure if this is a mafia costume. I want to look real kick-ass you know. Something with the statement that I'm a fighter, not a slut.

(I'm sorry for the term. But really.., the mainstream outfit is just too slutty for my taste (-_-")

Suggestions are really appreciated!


Most Helpful Girl

  • You can definitely use that dress, I

    think it's very cute =)

    got some links to other styles aswell =)


    link what do you think? =)

    • love the red one! I can partner that with combats boots.. (I think) X). thanks!

    • good luck =)

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What Guys Said 1

  • Just get it close. Believe me, guys will be much, much more concerned about how hot you look rather than if it technically fits the exact mafia criteria. HOT = Mafia forgiveness.

    Besides, how many guys do you think really know or care what a mafia outfit looks like?


What Girls Said 1

  • Eh its not really mafia. Its hardcore and kick-ass like but its not completely mafia. How about a dress and leather boots with a fake gun? The mafia is more dressier than just jeans.


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