How can a girl with pale skin and black hair look more welcoming than a rebel?

i've noticed that guys love girls who look really soft and feminine... obviously. but the thing is have black hair and pale skin and brown eyes so it honestly kind of makes me look like a rebel sometimes. I mean I'm neat and girlie at times and fussy about my hair but I still look a little mysterious and odd sometimes. I love my complexion and I don't want to change but is there any way at all I can look even more feminine and show how friendly and nice I am? not bragging here but I'm so not a rebel or an emo or a punk or anything anyone's asked me!


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  • try curling your hair link and wearing lighter colors,and keep your makeup light,don't use much on your eyes,and use something peachy/pink on your cheeks and lips

    • whoa! that's how my hair is naturally... apart from the fringe. oh and I hate heavy makeup... I try to keep it natural :)

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  • omg same thing happens to me . people think I'm mysterious until they actually get to know me. and I tend to wear lots of eyeliner but I don't look emo I just look rocker. I think if you wear lace shirts and vintagey clothes you will appear more feminine and pin up like :-)

    • that's the word I was looking for! rocker :)

      but then I kind of am since I play the electric guitar and I love rock music... but then I'm still girly.

  • light skin and dark hair

    are both good traits from here, if people

    got to know you, they would probably

    think different =)

    also, if you don't do this already, try to dress

    up in light colors, like yellow, white,

    light-green and light-blue. =)

  • Skin and hair color doesn't have anything to do with it. Plenty of dark hair pale skin girls look soft and feminine. It's probably your style and personality that makes them think you're a rebel.

    Actually guys on here think that pale skin is the most feminine so don't worry about your skin and hair color.


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