How can I incorporate my old style into my new dress code?

My style is kind of rocker inspired. I wear mostly band t-shirts and skinny jeans with things like Toms, Converse, funky flats and boots, vests, vintage accessories, sometimes bold makeup, etc.

I got a new job a month ago that has a business casual dress code. That means slacks, skirts, and nice blouses. I understand why I have to dress like that, but I feel like I'm sacrificing my personal style. Because I spend most of my weekend at the gym or volunteering, I never get to wear my normal clothes any more.


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  • Why can't you wear your civies when volunteering? If you have to give too much of yourself up just to volunteer then maybe it's time to either change where you volunteer or stop altogether. In my mind, if I'm going to work for someone for nothing then I'm at least going to get a little slack from them. If they want someone that they control then they will have to pay an employee.


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  • OOOOOH, I love questions like this! That's actually kind of easy. Though, you may now work for a more business casual setting and you have a more rocker chick type look. You can still incorporate your rocker chic style into it. Try slacks and a vintage blouse and rocker type accessories, like a studded belt or bracelet or a ring. Or a dress with a rocker style with a suit jacket and a pair of lacy leggings and a nice pair of shiny black flats!


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