Girls, how do you feel about a guy asking you to wear a certain pair of panties on a date?

Going on a date with a girl tonight and she never wears thongs. She wore wore one before when I told she should take one out on a test drive. It was totally cute when she did cause she was excited to show me =P

Anywho.. would it be in bad taste or would you like it or what? We're going out to a crazy nice restaurant tonight and she's going to be wearing a really nice dress.

So if its not out of line, what would be the best way to ask without coming off as weird or whatever?


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  • well, I've had 2 different type of dates.

    one, I just wanted to know the guy better and never had any kind of ''sex talk'' with him, and other, that I was really attracted to the guy, we were wiling to jump on each other and had lots of ''sex talk'' before that date.

    so, the point is, if the first one asked me to wear a thong on our date, I would possibly not even show up. but if it was the second one asking, I would have done it without thinking twice.

    it just depends of what kind of relationship I have with the guy.

  • If he's my boyfriend, I think it would be fun if he made a panty request. If I he wasn't my boyfriend and we hadn't been sexually active yet then I would find it sketchy.

    • Agreed. Save that kind stuff for after you've gotten intimate.

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