Can you lighten color with at home hair dye?

I have dark blond ashy blond hair and want it to be more golden and light, so would can I lighten the color? IT's not that dark at all, its still a golden ish blond color, I just want it a bit lighter and more BLOND, so if this possible with at home hair dye? And

would I need one or two boxes, as I have long long hair


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes you can for sure my roommate dyed his hair blond it definitely worked LOL

    I don't know specifics of what products or how much though I can't help you with that. I think he used l'oreal but I'm not sure


What Girls Said 1

  • probably don't lighten it because it is very harsh probably try some products by the john frieda go blonder collection or some similar products it really helps! you can also use lemons and honey just look up at google

    but if you really wanna lighten it yeah you can do it at home but if you let it sit too long it might become too light


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