Can first impressions be changed?

if say, you weren't having you're best day, but you felt confident enough to approach the girl/guy... they took a look at you, and they got the first impression

can this be changed overtime?

reason I ask, I may have made a bad first appearance impression, the way I dress, not the way I act


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  • Of course it can change, I mean first impressions are when you don't know the person and then you get to know the person and your impression of them may change or it could just stay the same. Personally, I think it's much easier to change your impression of someone because of how they looked rather than how they acted. But both are still possible. People make impressions of people from how they dress and look unfortunately that's just how it is. For example, the other week I was dressed wearing sporty clothes and I met a girl for the first time and then I saw her again later in the week and I was wearinga totally diff style and she was shocked because she told me the first time she saw me she thought I looked like a troublemaker lol and the next time she saw me I looked really polite and nice. lol its funny how people think they know what a person's like just by what they wear.


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  • Oh, definitely you should get second chances concerning dress! We all have days where our clothes are dirty or we're "caught" in our lounging time, if she sees you looking stylish or whatever, she'll probably forget or laugh off the first impression all together. If not, she's a snob.

    • I didn't get the impression that she thought I was a slob, I just think that I could be doing better, ya know?

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    • I thought girls get impressions by dress?

    • I don't. Well, I hate guys in tight pants, but that's about it and rarely do men in my age group wear tight pants anyway...some fade hitting up today's youngins. Anyway, maybe another girl will have a more relevant opinion than I do? I think you're over-analyzing it.

  • Sure! I can't give you details without having details...but it isn't like a job interview.

    • What do you mean?

    • I mean that...because I don't know what concerns you have about a first impression you've recently made, I can't really give an opinion on rather you're likely to get a second chance. Lets say a guy comes up to me stuttering and shy...I'll definitely not judge him too harshly and the next time around, if he is a little more capable and confident, his foot is in the door. But if some guy is drunk and yelling at me, that first impression will probably last.

    • Oh, yeah, ok, I gotcha now

  • Definitely! My first impressions of people change all the time... sometimes for better sometimes for worse. The guy I like for example, did not give me a great first impression.. he first came off as arrogant and I wasn't attracted to him at all because I thought he was too short and I usually go for tall guys. But we recently hung out and had a great time! He was hilarious and sweet and not at all stuck-up like I had thought. Now I actually like him. It just goes to show you that first impressions are not always everything!

    • Exactly... and when you judge a book by its cover it make you look like you can't interact with people, ya know?

      i was talking to a one of my coworkers and she said sheda thought I played guitar and or bass/drums because I dress so ruggedly/mountainish,

      i do play bass and guitar, but goes to show her, I'm a clarinet major

      so first impressions can be changed

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