Guys what do you think of tall girls?

I am 5'11 and I was wondering do you find girls that tall manly. Are their long legs a turn off. If you had the choice between a tall girl or a short girl who would you choose,does it depend how tall the guy is?


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  • I see advantages to both. To be brutally honest, I might choose a short girl all things being equal, but all things never are equal, and I'd choose a marginally more attractive, marginally more interesting, marginally more cheerful, marginally nicer or marginally more compatible tall girl over a short girl. I'd choose a taller girl who liked ME more then a shorter girl who was otherwise the same. And I would not be sad she was tall, I'd enjoy the long legs (which sure as hell are NOT a turn off) and enjoy the fact we'd be the same height when she had really high heels on.

    I'm 6'3"


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  • I've been on the record saying that I don't mind a girl being tall (I'm 5'11''), but it's not my choice. Tall girls want a tall guy.

    Since roughly 50% (just guessing) of guys are as tall or shorter than you at 5'11'', it's safe to say that your options are limited because you don't find guys on that side of the tape very attractive.

  • I like tall girls, you rarely see them it just sucks they don't like to give shorter guys like me a chance.


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