Would you approach this kind of girl?

before you think anything I'm normal haha! but I have black hair, pale skin and a very few blue tips in my hair. honestly some people think I'm punk or emo Because of my hair but I'm not. I'm a bit girly, I love perfume and dresses and natural looking make-up and I wouldn't consider myself as a risk taker... but I've noticed many many guys look at me... not smiling just looking and then they smile at my friend, she looks extremely soft and feminine. she has pinkish skin and green eyes and light brown hair...

do you think it's Because of my hair? and if you saw a girl with hair like mine (it's also long and wavy by the way) and complexion... what would be your thoughts and would you ever consider making friends?

by the way I'm not changing my hair color because (the black part) is natural and I love the blue streaks.


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  • I like girls with your look.I would want be friends :) I don't judge people by the way they look.I judge them by getting to know them.So if you were attractive to me I would definitely want to know you better.And I would like your hair the way it is.You sound sexy to me! Maybe guys don't smile at you cause you don't smile at them?

    • actually I smile at random strangers all the time :) it's a habit.

      and thanks for your answer!

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    • Yea I know what you mean,i am sure I get judged a lot too.It sucks but its the way people are.You sound like a cool person :) A lot of people are unhappy that they are judged off of stereotypes & people don't even take the time to get to know them for who they are.Its what the world has evolved into unfortunately.I know that just because someone looks a certain way it doesn't mean they are that way,I am living proof myself that's why I understand.You will meet good people you just have to be patient

    • thanks again. you seriously helped :)

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  • I think I would approach you.

    I think they are looking at you and I would probably too. But I would like it. (and I am also not emo, I am just regular guy)

    • that's really good to her thanks :)

    • to hear*

  • Yes, the hair is a little intimidating for most guys, a little butch. Whether you like it or not, you come off punk with those colors.

    • yeah I guess but would you be sort of intimidated by me too? or if I smile at you would you smile back?

    • Sure, I wouldn't let a few blue highlights stpp me!

  • You sound very attractive. I would definitely approach you and strike up a conversation.


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