I'm in love with this guy and I don't know how to confront it.

this guy stole my heart.

i think of him more than I breathe.

no one wants to listen to me or understand me, probably not even on this site.

my friends think he's not that into me just because he doesn't contact me or anything, but my heart says he is, I can just feel it, its written all over his eyes. We can't take anything further though because were afraid, since we're not same religion.

what can I do? I'm not even certain he likes me as much, but I want to get it over with and let him know.


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  • put on something sexy and as soon as you know you got his full attention bring him somewhere very iscolated and tell him how your feeling.

    • Is it weird if I see him sitting somewhere and I just walk over to talk, like what if he's not responsive enough?

  • Just come right out and tell him. Trust me, even if he doesn't feel the same way, it's a very liberating feeling to get that off your chest.

    • Reallly? because I feel like id burst out crying in front of him totallly embarassssing

    • So maybe write him a letter or something. I love writing love letters.

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