How to dress sexy yet classy for a night club without showing too much skin?

When I go for a night out, I like to look good but not show off too much I like to cover up...but I don't want to look like a granny lol so what should I wear to go to a night club so that I can still look sexy yet nice ;)

What kinds of styles and dresses?


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  • Lol, I love the question, mainly because I was looking in my closet this morning and asking myself the same question. As a rule of thumb:

    (1) If I'm wearing a strapless dress/top, I toss a shrug over it and keep that on at the start of the evening.

    (2) If I'm wearing something that shows off my long legs, I try not to pair it with a top that's too low/revealing.

    (3) Shear/lightly patterned stockings if it's too cold out to go bare-legged.

    (4) No flats. Break out the heels. Nothing that you can't walk in "with swag."

    (5) Do your hair. Go easy on the make-up. Mascara and lipstick/gloss are usually musts in the evenings.

    (6) One bold color will help you stand out in the crowd; it could be a blouse, shrug, or jewelry. It should be a top, not a bottom, unless you're talking about a dress.

    (7) Avoid anything with a floral pattern; I saw that at a club once and it looked like the girl had taken a wrong turn to a garden party. An abstract pattern with sexy swirls is better for an evening out.

    (8) The sexiest thing you can wear is a smile. ;-)


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  • Try showing off parts of your body that aren't legs and t*ts. I know the shirt I get the most compliments on is a simple red cotton thing that doesn't have a back, but clings nicely to my frame and covers up everything in front. Worn with a pair of lace-up combat boots and some loose pants or a mid-thigh length skirt it creates a sexy, cute, edgy look that's not revealing but still attractive.


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