What should I wear ice skating?

So, I'm going ice skating tonight, and I have no idea what to wear. I usually go every winter, but I always wear snow pants and a ski coat because I'm not very good and I need the extra padding, plus it's very cold. Tonight, it's supposed to be warmer, and I actually got pretty good last time I went, so I'm not expecting to fall a whole bunch, so I want to upgrade my outfit. Last time, I wore a red sweater with a black vest and a black fuzzy scarf with black pants. What should I wear this time? I kinda want to give the impression of a figure skater, with the tight/flowy-ness, but I don't want to look slutty, and I'm skating with my parents for my little sister's birthday... haha. Last time, I ran in to this really cute guy (literally! he caught me before we both went down.) and it was a really romantic moment. I wanna be prepared this time in case it happens again.
I ended up wearing a burgundy v-neck blouse with dark jeans. There weren't any guys my age there anyway, though, so it ended up not mattering.


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  • link Maybe something like this, I've never been ice skating, I don't know what the temperature will be when you say it will be warmer and I'm not a girl but I hope this helps.

    • Thanks for Best Answer, not like there was much to chose from though. What did you think of the outfit it the link anyway?

    • It looked pretty good! I didn't have anything like that though.

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  • Just wear what people usually wear outside when it is a little chilly...except with skates.

  • I always wear duct tape and Vaseline.


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