Does my boyfriend think I'm fat?

First of all, my boyfriend is obsessed with being cut up, as in very fit. Me...not so much. It's not that I'm too lazy to work out and such, its that I simply don't have time to do so. and if I do find time, I work out very hard.

I've been trying to do an eat-this-not-that diet recently, but it is really hard due to the fact that the high school lunch automatically in the tuition, and they serve food that is not good for me. Other than that, I am good at sticking to this "diet".

My boyfriend doesn't ever say "Oh, you're not fat", Instead, he constantly asks me if I'm still on it.

Its not like he has lost interest in me at all, its that he never compliments my figure. And no, I do not believe I am overweight, for I am 16, 5'2 and weigh 113lbs, and have a naturally petite, curvy figure. There is one area of fat that is hereditary on my stomach, that is literally impossible to lose. I don't know how ask if he thinks I'm overweight or fat, so by this information, do you think, that he thinks, I'm "fat"?


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  • Who cares what he thinks. You should be with a person that likes you for the way you are. If he tries to change you than that's his problem.


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