Guys: Do you like girls to have long hair or short hair?

I was just wondering which one guys prefer. Long meaning coming down just under the boobs and short like about shoulder length(I'm not going shorter cause I would never have my hair any shorter).
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  • It really doesn't matter, but I do like long hair. It's nice when it's wavy too :P and soft. But it really won't matter in the end. Don't know if I'd say long is necessarily as long as boobs length, but whatever lol.


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  • I prefer longer hair pretty much always, but shoulder length is okay. Only a small number of girls can really pull off hair shorter than that and look good, and they still rarely look better that way than with longer hair.

  • Most guys are gonna say "long hair" and that is our/their preference but most guys are pretty accepting of however females want to have their hair.

  • I doesn't matter whatever looks good on her.


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