Girls with short hair?

I have past my shoulders hair, and I really wanted to get it all cut off so its basically a boy cut and donate my hair. I was just wondering if anyone had style suggestions or if I should or not. Summer is coming and I find my long hair just gets in the way. :D thanks for any and all answers. Add me if you would like :)


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  • Go for it. I will admit it is hard for a woman to pull off the really short hair look but when they do it can look amazing. The bottom line is do it because you want to and no other reason. Trust me the guys (the real ones) will like you all the same.

    • Nice answer, but what happens if I get it and I hate it, what happens then, get a wig? lol cause there is no going back

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    • Well thank you, you have given me lots to think about :)

    • Glad I could be of help. I'm sure you will do just fine.

  • Female's hair is one of those oddities. Most guys are going to say they find longer hair sexier & more attractive the same time...guys tend to be very accepting of a female's hair...maybe because they are seeing what they are getting up front? To that..I know not the answer..I think the vast majority of guys would not consider short hair to be a deal breaker...although they might ask you to grow it out after they start dating you...guys usually gonna be way more touchy about other stuff (makeup for instance) than a female's hair...unless you do something really weird like make it stiff with hairspray or something...O:O


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