Am I right or am I wrong?

is it just me or the most attractive women have issues.

i blame it on the men. here is my theory.

if you are a really attractive woman, guys hit on you all the time. and the more guys hit on you the more opportunites you have to be in a bad relationship. and because its a fact that most guys cheat or have cheated, a beautiful girl that is in a relationship more than an average girl have a higher chance of having emotional issues.


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  • It's just you. It's more a general mentality that I haven't cared enough about to research the history of, but it is somewhat market based. Women in general are raised to be materialistic and taught that beauty is where there value lies. You are an attractive female how many times as a little girl did you hear "Oh look how pretty you are." or some told you mother "Look how pretty she is, she's going to grow up to be a beautiful woman" or something to that effect? How many times do you recall anyone saying "Oh wow she looks smart and will grow up to have a great self worth and make a difference in the world."? At best little boys are cute or handsome, that doesn't sound very exciting or even worth too much, but grow up to be beautiful wow that sounds nice. Then you get older and look at all the other girls that look good and think is she prettier than me, because looks are the only value people have placed on you it's a pretty competition because deeper in your mind you feel that is all you have to offer in a relationship. Despite your many other accomplishments it's looks that you feel you rely on. Since you have limited self worth it's easier for manipulative guys to get you and then you have a bad relationship.

    When a pretty girl walks in the room all the girls check her out and judge her immediately (guys don't tell them to do that, they do it on their own).

    Also, if you are in bad relationships remember you chose the partner. You can't blame a guy for going out with a pretty girl. I can't stand how girls get mad at us because they make bad decisions. You had a bad boyfriend, but did he have a bad girlfriend? In life everyone is looking out for their own, that includes you.

    So, If in a relationship you have a bad boyfriend and he has a good girlfriend who made the bad decision?

    Now, back full circle every one of those problems from the development of self worth to the physical appearance competition, to bad relationships in the fault of the woman.

    So, feel free to blame men for your own mistakes and insecurities, but that is like the fat kid blaming the ice cream.

    Unattractive women have relationships and date men, so there is your solid evidence that your self worth isn't all in your looks, it is you who place it there, just as it is you who chose who you date. You can blame your development on the women in your past, but your current problems came from your own poor decision making skills and you are the one to blame for them.

    • i wasn't really talking about self esteem.

    • Just the same you still chose who you date, so that makes it your fault entirely. At least with the self esteem bit you could blame a few other people, but your dating choices fall directly on your back.

      Would you blame a guy for having a good girlfriend? You can't.

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  • Your wrong that " most guys cheat" it says something about you if you associate yourself with guys that "cheat frequently" probably pretty slow. By the way girls cheat just as much

    • its a fact

      i saw it on DR. DRew

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    • women cheat more these days because men have been doing it forever.

      i guess are tired of putting energy and time in a relationship that men take lightly

    • lol OK that's gotta be the weakest argument iv heard of

  • Well the more you date the more you discover what you want in someone. Sure, the more you date the higher the chances of pulling a douche out of the draw that will cheat on you, but the same applies to guys (relationships go two ways. Surprise!) Eventually you will find someone that it a good match for you, and all the problems will fall into the past. Emotions can get scarred from bad relationships, but the scars become less noticeable when you finally pull through and are happy with your guy. Sure a girl who dates less probably won't get burned but she'll still be looking for someone way into her thirties. It's all probability here. The chance of getting a guy who is wrong for you will rise, but the chance of finding mr. right also goes up with repeated experimentation.

  • Wow, wish some females would think more like you at time, you are smart. That makes so much sense, yet, think about it... the choices the girl makes is all up to her on which type of guys she dates... no guy.. I repeat.. absolutely NO GUY can ever make a girl- regardless of her looks- emotionally damaged (unless maybe she's had some issues with father in past or so). what was the girl looking at till she got into a relationship with a cheater, the choices are yours, I believe females have a very strong ability in sensing things like that than males,a nd for a person to go out with another male in a few dates and then be in a relationship you must have confidence and know about that person. So no, sorry, it's not the guys' fault that some beautiful ladies are emotionally damaged.

  • Why is everything always our fault?

  • lol Is there anything negative that you don't blame on men?

    • yes breast cancer

    • Well, you should. We have actually been conspiring against you this whole time. Breast cancer is man made.

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  • I agree, yet disagree at the same time.

    The scenario you've given could happen, but if the attractive girl is wise, she won't let a certain type of guy near her. She won't allow him to have a position in her life that he doesn't deserve. I've seen it go both ways. I have a gorgeous friend who is extremely insecure deep down and allows hot guys to treat her like crap. Then she builds up all these trust issues that honestly are frustrating and annoying to guys when they're trying to get to know her and she's already saying "I'm damaged. I have trust issues."

    I'm attractive, or so I'm told, but I know how to separate the a**holes who are going to cause issues from the truly valuable guys. I've been able to avoid a certain disappointing group of guys because I can do that. No, you can't control if a guy cheats or not, but you do have a certain amount of power when it comes to how you respond to it. If you take him back despite his selfish griminess or if you decide to let him go and move on to greater things. I get so frustrated with people when they wanna be like "poor me, I have a boyfriend or girlfriend who's f*cked up behavior hurt me and damaged me." but who was it who continued to give them access to your heart? Who allowed that bs to continue? You did. If someone shows you their true colors once, don't let them stick around. It helps you avoid A LOT of issues in general with many different types of relationships; friendships, co workers, family, ect

  • Wrong. The more attractive you are the less you get hit on because most guys feel they have no chance with you (because, just like you, they think they get hit on all the time). I think we can almost always tell when a bad relationship is going to start. We also have the choice to walk away when those signs arise. It's all a matter of choosing to accept it, and that has nothing to do with physical appearance, but self esteem.

  • You could also say the more guys who hit on you, the more opportunities you have to find a good relationship. All that means is you have more options, good and bad. But you chose to look at the negative aspect... why? I don't see how that specifically makes things any worse. I think it's more likely that the wrong kind of guys who catch your attention. And the more guys who hit on you, the more you're picking the bad ones over the good ones.

    If most guys cheat or have cheated, so have most women. Every poll I've seen on this has shown that about 50% of both men and women have cheated. So men aren't any more to blame than we are there. I don't really see anything in your question that shows attractive women have it harder.


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