Girls...anyone familair with a Old Spice Spray scent you like?

I wear old spice and have tried out a few of their sprays...but I wanted to know what scents the female popualtion likes...Idk if any of you are familair with any but ones I've tried and liked are:

Aqua Reef, Denali, Belize, snd Cyprus...


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  • My brother has Matterhorn I think. It smells pretty good.

    • yea I was thinking of trying looked good..i wonder if certains cents work better in certain Belize is definitely a spring time thing...I take it matterhorn is like a winter smelling scent?

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    • yea ill defintely give it a try..thanks for the input :)

    • Welcome :)

  • Denali

    • yea I liked denali! I just worried that maybe it smelled too outdoorsy? but I think I might buy another can as soon as I use up my cyprus.

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    • As long as they are the clean shaven hippies!

    • yes...very

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