Why is our culture so image obsessed?

I couldn't care less how good looking the girl is but if I see a good looking guy that I consider to be SUPER attractive, it's like my life revolves around trying to make him like me and it takes up all my time and energy. I can't explain why I do this, I'm not sure why I'm like this...

When I see people wasting their time on Kim Kardashian or watching a pretty girl talk on YouTube I think their foolish for worshipping a girl for her looks and can't understand why they do it.

But I do the same thing with men.


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  • You just said to everyone that you are a hypocrite.

    Nobody can have -any- rights, especially women to complain that "our culture is so obsessed about looks" while they themselves are -not any different-

    To be honest.. Kim is insanely hot, and pretty girls talking on YouTube is a delight.. but when I see teenage girls worshiping Edward from Twilight or listening to boybands I think they're dumb.. they don't know that in movies there must be hot girls and average guys not the other way, and that in pop music only women should sing.. if they want men singing they should listen to heavy metal.

    Well.. what I can I say? The world is nuts, I disagree with you, and the "looks obsession" in our society according to me is completely acceptable!


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  • Well.. if we were all poor, we'd be obsessed with a girl who can cook and be productive. Women would care less about a man's personality and more about his financial security.

    But.. in the usa, we're not all starving and have the privilege to value beauty over necessity.

  • Because people like to be noticed. We all want to be noticed by a person that we think is better than us. It makes us feel like we are worth something.

  • where is the question? people like attractive figures.

  • we live in a sex obsessed society


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  • America is obsessed with beauty.

    womens beauty to be exact...white womens beauty to be really exact.

    America loves a beauiful white woman and she doesn't have to do much of anything really for her to be recognized. kim kardashian isn't white but she is white enough.

    the women in the media that are praised aren't even all that. some are really overrated like jennifer aniston,katy perry,kristen stewart, etc...but hollywood deem these women to OH so beautiful. and jennifer aniston was named most beautiul woman recently and I can find a bitch like that in my local mall. lol but because the media says they are beautiful...everybody goes along with it.

    i will be glad when America will realize that the most talented people don't look like super models or greek gods.


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