Guys prefer long hair but is seldom, if ever, a deal breaker....agree? has always seemed to me that females are more feminine, more sexy, more fetching with long hair...however...I cannot remember in all my years that hair has ever been the defining point...although long hair might well be instrumental in initially attracting fact...they usually do cut their hair off sooner or later...very few females my age with long or not? Females can chime though I could stop you! <3<3<3=D
  • Male & think that long hair is mandatory
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  • Male..long hair is necessary to attract me but then can cut it
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  • Male & think that long hair is sexier but not a requirement
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  • Male and I honestly don't give a damn
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How long is "long"? Let us say shoulder length minimum...(:


Most Helpful Guy

  • I love long hair, but I don't think it's ever stopped me from finding a girl beautiful if she has short hair.


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What Girls Said 5

  • i don't think guys prefer girls with long hair. well I guess some guys have types. but I had long hair and it makes me look a lot fatter then I am so I cut it short and it looks a lot better. but depends on your face shape. short hair can be cute and fem as well

  • I just came here to post anonymous because every other girl is doing so.

    • What a worthless wench you r..I mean ..if you were really golden..we could have been in & out of the bathroom by now..and back in the bar..o.O

    • Well geeEEezzz, I'm glad you got the "anonymous" part of the joke.


  • well since I'm a woman I could only pick "see results" but I know a girl who has short hair and two guys said to me about her "when she had long hair she was so pretty but now her hair is disgusting"

    i think it depend osn the guy and the age group. for women above 40, shoulder length is long. for me, (early 20s) it is only medium. to me long hair is at least mid boob or longer.

    • no argument...thank you for responding...(:

    • of course it depends on the guy...and the same would be in reverse..(: good answer!

  • I love long hair on girls! xD

  • of course that's true


What Guys Said 1

  • Define long hair? Where does chin length fall?

    • Voted d. There are a lot of shorter cuts I find hot. Not pixie cut short, but shorter then shoulder length.

    • LOL! Always got to be orange in the apple barrel...but that further points to how ridiculous it is to generalize about the other gender...and yet..I do it as well sometimes...but my intentions are good..O:O

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