Why hasn't he called back yet?

I thought the first date went well. He was very flirtatious and even said something like "We should go some place quieter next time we go out..." Plus, the date ended with him suggesting that we hang out within the next couple days before I go back to school - rather than a vague "let's hang out again sometime!" I then gave him a call on Monday (tow days later) and left him a message to propose a date for the next day. He didn't get back to me until the next night, when he texted me to say that he was going out for his brother's birthday, so he couldn't go out. I waited till the next morning (Weds) to reply. I said "No problem. I might be around a little longer, so give me a call if you're up for something." Now it's Thursday and I still haven't heard anything definite since the actual date occurred.

Does this sound like he's lost interest? Was I wrong in making the first call? From what I've heard (after the fact, of course), it's "unattractive" and looks desperate if the girl calls first. Is this true?


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  • It's hard to say what's going on. But, he said all those nice things, so, he should be the one to call you. You don't need to call him.


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  • Yes-NEVER be the first to call a guy. I know a lotta people might disagree, but I really believe this. If he really wants to go out with you, he knows what he has to do-keep your interest by contacting you. Looks like you're the one trying to keep his interest-which looks "unattractive" and makes you look "too available" you should keep yourself busy by going out on more dates, instead of waiting on this guy. Guys like the chase(even tho many deny it) and you're already showing that you're interested, which means your not much of a chase. He has to be the one to convince you to go on a date. Not vice versa