What kind of hair is more beautiful?

Hey, I'm Jasmine. I really like this guy and I want to attract his attention. I heard that guys prefer long hair. My hair is medium\long and dark brown and wavy. Would that be attractive? Also, do guys like girls hair tied, open, braided etc or does that not matter. I would really love to hear your opinion. Thanks <3


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  • Personally, I like long hair that is just about anything, except braided or this: link

    It just depends on how the girl looks. On some girls, a regular (not slick) ponytail might look good, especially with bangs coming down to frame the face, but on other girls, just no. Straight or slight waves would be better. It just depends on what you like for yourself and what makes style makes YOU feel attractive.


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  • I like girls with long dark hair with those blondish streaks. I really think it makes a girl stand out and it is very exotic looking. Id show you some pics but I don't have enough xper points to post links.

    • My style is very natural and I have never died, colored or straightened my hair. But I definitely agree that since I a beach girl, the exotic look is super hot.

  • i like any type hair. but I don't like it to short. shoulder length is short enough for me. and I don't like girls that have pink, or blue hair. hair that are really bright colors. or matted hair. all those things are a turn off me.

    • what if a girl had halle berry type hair or rihanna type hair when she had it short...you don't like that?

    • no I don't like that. its far to short for me. I have never seen a girl with that short hair, and I have being attracted to her.

  • Personality>Face>hair. You will get more attention by being an interesting person than by having gorgeous hair.

    But, that said, my preferred hair style is long, either free, or in a pony tail, and color doesn't matter as long as it isn't red. Big curls, wavy (if long) or straight are a plus, tight curls or big braids are a minus. I don't mind small braids, but most hair should not be braided. I can't even tell the difference between layered and unlayered. Bangs, if you have them, should be long enough to put behind the ears for kissing purposes (I hate getting hair in my mouth).

    Some girls, if their face is right for it, look ridiculously sexy with super short, pixie or boy style haircuts. But, that is rare, and it is much safer to go with long hair.


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  • i can tell that you are black from the post.

    i read all of the comments and anything that is more European guys like.

    all of them said they hate braids and dreads and these are common african hair styles.

    just wear your hair the way that makes you happy and if he really likes you for you then he is not going to be worried about your hair..

    • ye, if he wants you 2 change he isn't worth it

    • Hey, thanks for your advice. But I am not black, I'm Indian.;P

    • Yea I definitely agree clare. I just don't know if he likes me or if I have caught his attention, so I just wanted to know if my hair is attractive or a turn off. But, I would never do anything just because a guy says so. I would definitely like to hear more opinions! Thanks :)

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