What would happen to my hair color?

What would happen if I was to use a DIY hair dye on my hair.. specifcally a dark/dirty blond sort of color? ATM my hair is a mixture of dark brown and medium brown :/ My natural color is a sort of mousey brown which looks gingery brown in some lights and has the odd blondeish part at the front in the summer... So what would happen if I was to use a blond hair dye on medium-dark brown hair? Would it lighten the color of brown or would it turn it green or something?! lol


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  • DON'T go blond when you have dark hair all by yourself!

    Big change of colors you do best at a hairsalon.

    I could turn green, ginger, ... I don't really know but I've did it once, biggest hairmistake of my life! (and I made some mistakes, haha).

  • if you just used the box dye it wouldn't do anything you would have to bleach it first.. which I don't recommend because you will turn orange!


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