Why is it that every single hot woman I EVER see is always with a TALL guy?

Bunch of jolly green giant mother f***ers. I've NEVER seen a hot girl with a short guy. NEVER in my whole life.

Sure I see fat ugly ones that look worse than the toxic avenger who are missing teeth... sure THOSE are with short dudes. But then again I guess short guys have to get someone?

Im sorry I just can't be with a 700 lb women with 200 warts and her face with missing teeth who smells like burning garbage.

I guess I'm "shallow".

And it doesn't even matter that they are ugly OR poorly dressed.

OR drive gremlins.

And I've seen it lately where the guys are total a**holes to them too that I wouldn't be surprised that they BEAT the women too.

And here I am a short "nice" guy whos going to remain a virgin because I can't grow anymore and I refuse to beat up women and treat them like dirt.

Is that fair?

how would you explain this video then?



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  • Your attitude is the reason you're a virgin. Not your height.

    • u go girl tell him what's real

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    • Sounds about right lol

    • you're so bad :(...:D

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  • Well, just like how you don't like 700lbs girls or ones with 200 warts on their face hot girls don't like short guys seems fair to me.

    • Well you missed the part where I also don't treat women like garbage.

      700lb girls are at least jolly.

    • But I mean I don't see how it's not fair, you have standards and so do others.

  • whats wrong with being with a cute pretty petite girl. I mean, there's a lot of girls that have to be shorter then you! I think girls usually just don't want to tower over their men, but some don't care, for example, I'm 5'7 and love to wear 5 inch heels...that makes me taller then my boyfriend. but I don't care.. I feel like a model when I'm tall (shut up a girl can dream). so the fact that I'm taller then him when we go out ...doesn't bother me attt all.. so basically my point is... a lot of girls don't care. don't stress.

    • oh and I'm 118 pounds, don't have warts and I shower daily to keep the "burning garbage smell" at bay lol

  • I date tall guys, because I'm tall. No other reason.

    As for you still being a virgin? It's your attitude.

    • I date hot girls because I'm hot, no other reason.

      That logic doesn't fly when I do it, for some reason.

      Now if its my attitude explain why people like chris brown gets to be with Rhianna.

      So, should I just start hitting women?

  • My boyfriend's only 5'6" and I only weigh 106 lbs and I don't have warts on my face either or any og that other garbage, so there.

    • And don't forget, there aren't nearly as many short guys as there are tall ones so you'll always see more tall guys.

  • Shallow, short and makeS fun of overweight people. Wow

    I don't blame girls for not liking you.

    • How do they know I make fun of fat people when they don't even look in my direction?

      And I don't even say a single word.

      Are all women psychic?

      Perhaps if I wear a hat of tinfoil will that help?

    • Wear make up and high heels it will make you noticeable

  • Ive seen a fair amount of couples where the guy is short. just stay the way you are and don't worry about what others have, because the relationship that you look at and may want to have maay not be like that really. so just be confident in yourself and I'm sure one day the right woman will come along.

  • well a lot of girls like tall guys, you just have to find that girl that doesn't mind what height you are. I personally have dated a guy that was the same height as me, so there are those types of girls out there just have to keep looking!

  • I'm sure if you're attractive you'll find someone that is attracted to you, we live in a big world a world big enough for different types of beautiful women to fall for you regardless of your height.

  • those women just are self conscious and don't want to feel like a giant next to him

  • Come on, stop exaggerating. I've seen plenty of girls who aren't 700lbs or worse than the toxic avenger with short guys.

    • Of course, I have too.. but they aren't attractive.

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  • This is so sad... I have a guy friend who is 5'7" and he got ALL the girls.. he isn't single anymore. You are blaming your height instead of the real shortcomings why you can't get girls. It's kind of sad really.

    • The average height for a human male in the united states is

      U.S. 1.71 m (5 ft 7 one 4 in)

      Therefore he's average, not short.

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    • Your statistics are off, it's 5'10

    • You made my point before me, but I swore so mines better

  • Always? Nah, ever heard of Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni?

    Often, true. Because women think a taller guy provides a greater deal of protection, although it hardly makes any change.

    • Carla bruni, from the photos I see of her boyfriend he's just as tall or just as short as she is.

      The key is he's not shorter than she is.

      So that's out.

      ok I found one photo where it looks like he maybe an inch shorter than her.

      but then its hard to tell she may be on a hill or something.

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    • I see women that are 5'2 that are hot and they are with giants.

    • Get over yourself. I'm not even 5'6 and I had girlfriends. And sex.

  • Stop hating or I'll step on you. =P

    • How tall are you ey ?

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    • Nah I'm not that stinky. =) Be careful what you believe... A guy takes a few photos in Hollywood with one or two days of stubble on their face and all the sudden they only take showers once a week.

    • Hollywood has a way of exaggerating things...

  • I'm short, too. It's never been a problem for me.




  • Selective memory. Confirmation bias.

    You're prejudiced to a particular viewpoint, and you conveniently forget every counterexample as not being relevant.