What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this?

so what's the first few things that come to mind when I say:

blue black (wavy and long) hair, pale skin and big brown eyes.

people I've asked just said evil or emo or anti-social or even rebel! and that's a little offensive to me.

i have all that (plus a few streaks in my hair have blue tips) I'm petite but not super skinny, medium height, I play the guitar, I love most animals and kids,i try really hard to be positive and in my opinion I try to be nice to everyone. so why won't some people even try to get to know me? or find me intimidating? I won't change my style even if that's the problem because I like the way I look.


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  • well that's good. Do what you like/want. And don't give a s**** what other people think. If they aren't approaching you because of the way you look, that's a little judgmental, no? So F*** 'em girl. GO do you, which it seems to me you're doing and have fun with life. Never judge a book by it's cover.

    • awwwh you managed to put a smile on my face :)

      thankyou! x

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  • That sounds kinda hot to me.

  • emo/goth.

    • damn you too?

    • Hey, that's not such a bad thing >:D

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