Guys that will only date beautiful women?

Why are guys discouraged by society from having very high standards and refusing to lower them?


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  • I just think it's wrong when a guy will discriminate against less attractive women and try to make them feel bad about who they are and what they have. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to date beautiful women, but I think it's wrong when you try to make other women feel like they aren't beautiful

    • Girls do that too. Girls want the hot guy to show off to friends. If the guy isn't hot then most girls wouldn't give him the time of day. Society says that its OK for women to do this because ''they know what they want'' but God forbid if a guy does that. There are double standards for everyone.

      Not trying to sound like a douche by that...

    • SOME GIRLS do that. Don't generalize me just because you've seen a lot of girls do that.

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  • guys and girls are just plain WEIRDOES! HAHA...well frankly girls opt for the most attractive and dudes opt for the most sexy,attractive the point here being all genders opt for the best because they link everything to someone's sex appeal. I mean that girls will think that just because a dude is super hot and so perfectly symmetrical then he is definitely the whole package and would make all her friends jealous and envious and the same applies for dudes. I am also guilty of that because I think a hot dude is so perfect so he also must be talented, must be smart, and really good to look at and our kids would be beautiful, my parents would be proud and all my friends would be jealous...PERFECT!...sadly there is no such thing as a perfect person and I think we hav so much expectations from these super attractive people and tht is just wrong...we should always look mre into the person on the inside because frankly beauty fades..eventually tht hot dude and hot chic will grow old and wrinkly and eew! lol so if you pick a girlfriend or boyfriend dnt rush into the whole sex appeal concept (unless its a one night stand) always look for traits other than sex appeal that you find attractive in a person...

    P.S also beautiful and handsome people also hav personality aside from just their bodies you know because I feel tht they are also taken for granted especially because they are only seen as a "sex object"..guys just because a chic is hot tht doesn't mean they are only good for tht. They are not trophies.

  • In my oppinion, love IS blind. I used to like this guy and no offence but he was definently not good looking. I don't find him attractive at all, even when I did like him, but that didn't stop me from liking him. I liked him because he was a complete gentleman, was really sweet and really funny.

    I don't think that most guys date pretty people for the sake of looking good, I think they date them because they are physically attracted to them.

    • that being said, I ALWAYS need to have a physical attraction to the person. It's preference. I'm a very sexual person so I enjoy a man that I can swoon over :)

    • Usuallt that's what I go for, but he was a one off ;)

  • Well I use to be the type that didn't put too much emphasis on a guys attractiveness, but my past exes have I'm afraid made me a bit shallow because of this. I think I'm better off going for men that I think are attractive.


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  • Girls have high standards but its OK. When a guy has high standards, all hell breaks loose