Has anyone here tried colored contact lenses?

I'm trying them for the first time? how long cna I wear them in for? what problems could happen? what if they scratch my eye? what should I do to help me take them out if I'm wearing make up as well?


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  • I have tried colored contacts a bunch of times just for playing around changing up my look. I like my natural color better though. But my favorite on me was pure hazel, its great for really dark brown eyes if you want a subtle pretty look. sometimes people thought they were real. I generally keep them on for about 5 hours sometimes younger when I need to. They do tend to dry out a bit when you leave them on for a long time. Problems? make sure they are clean, make sure you don't touch them with dirty fingers or share them. If they feel dry, they them out put some eye solution of it and put them back or talk to your doctor about getting a different kind if you don't like the feel of it. I usually just pinch them a bit to take them out and I like putting them on after my makeup. I also like these things from Asia called circle lenses. They make your eyes look so big and dolly like, I have 3 diff colors they are so so cute! grey is a good color contact for most people too.