What type of lingerie turns you on the most?

What colors and styles do you like the best? What really makes your motor run? Links are always best to show what you think! Thanks everyone


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  • Hmm, interesting question. I can't wait to find out what guys think.

    Another question is, what do men think about the thong these days? A guy friend of mine made a comment once that the thong was an 80s trend that is going out of style. It's true that our perception of beauty changes over time, so this makes sense. High undies were considered smoking hot back in the 50s, and now low-rise is fashionable. What do you guys think? Do you like the modern trends, or are you also attracted to the lingerie of different decades and trends?

    • Good question... My would be how do women wear them and not have a constant wegie?

    • g strings are lame...but thongs are still pretty hot

      hm, I'd probably find enjoyment out of contemporary lingerie with a classic twist. Maybe a simple bra and thong combo in a bright pastel with one of those poodle patches on one cup or white lining on both cups...just spit balling here. my imagination has no limits when it comes to making sexy women sexier

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  • garters and thigh high stalkings, boy shorts

    any color...

  • As long as it's red...

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