Being called cute, pretty, sexy, beautiful, hot? What do they all mean?

What do each of them mean if a guy calls you that? Is it bad to be called cute compared to something else?


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  • they are all complements. personally I find cute and pretty girls more attractive than sexy or hot.

    I'll explain as best I can what I mean when I use the words.

    cute: someone who's easy on the eyes very sweet looking (angelic like?)

    pretty: someone who has some curves and is attractive

    beautiful: someone who is quite attractive and brightens up your day.

    sexy: someone who I guess looks like a supper model and who is generally fit.

    hot: someone who is sexy with very sensual curves and possibly athletic.

    drop dead gorgeous: I use this when I see a girl who has a near perfect combination of all the above "comments" IE. someone who is cute and beautiful with a hint of sexy.

    if I could I would link pictures to show what I mean.

    also some girls may be more than one but I would use what ever I thought was appropriate


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  • Nope. All good.

    Unless they specify.

    "Well... I mean you're pretty cute.. but" etcetc.

    It could also have to do with HOW you look at a certain time.

    Snuggled up in a blanket? Adorable.

    Finger-painting with your nephew? Cute.

    Out to dinner at a nice restaurant having wine? Beautiful.

    Just come home and look at him with some crazy eyes? Sexy.

    Have a nice dress on and your hair down? Pretty.


    Hope that helps!

    • What if you've been talking to a guy for a month and he says that your cute..good thing?

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    • but I'm a girl I over analyze :P lol it was in the context of we were talking and he was saying he wished I was with him now cause he went away for a weekend and then he said I was cute lol

    • Well psssh, he wishes you were with him to snuggle and have a good time!

      And that you're cute!

      What could go wrong there you dork. :P

  • Cute and pretty are one and the same, they describe an innocent-looking, adorable girl, usually they have big eyes, red cheeks and they tend to smile a lot.

    It does NOT necessarily also imply sexually attractive, it may, but it also may not, as this description also fits to underage girls.

    Sexy and hot are one and the same, it's about a girl who's physically mature, who got boobs, butt, wide hips and narrow waist, it's the kind of girl any guy becomes "excited" just seeing her.

    Such girl may or may not also be cute or pretty - which is mostly about face, while sexy and hot is mostly about the body. Girl can be sexy and hot but still having unappealing face(and vice verse)

    Beautiful is the whole package.

  • Being called cute means he finds you attractive in some way.

    Being called pretty means he finds you attractive in some way.

    Being called sexy means he finds you attractive in some way.

    Being called beautiful means he finds you attractive in some way.

    Being called hot means he finds you attractive in some way.

    Truthfully the only person who knows the meaning behind each one is the person saying it.

  • Cute- You're good looking, but too young for me

    Pretty- I'll date you

    Sexy- I'll f*** you

    Beautiful- I'll marry you

    Hot- The same as pretty but, used more by men than women, to describe a woman. No idea why that is


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  • Today, a total stranger said I was sexy in front of everyone when I was getting on the bus. I hoped he was joking but he kept talking to me about it. Is this dangerous? He is a year older than me.

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