Guys does it bother you if girls let themselves go from time to time?

My boyfriend and I are moving in together,now I feel like I'm going to have to make sure I look half decent pretty much all the time haha,or he will get bored of me,or not be attracted to me anymore.But sometimes I just love days where I can wear no make up and wear comfy clothes and not do my hair and just relax.My boyfriend has seen me like that,still tells me I'm beautiful but,now that we're going to be living together,he'll probably see me let go even more haha.I won't be like that ALL the time,I'm still going to make myself look okay,I won't let myself go completely, but I do want to be able to just let go sometimes..But then I worry he'll be less attracted to me?Does it bother guys if your girl lets go from time to time?Any experiences with living with your girl?

We can't look okay allll the time haha.


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  • I'm pretty sure if you're moving in together, he's seen you at your best, and at your worst and has hopefully accepted you. Don't put a fake face on if you don't have to (i.e. not going out, to work, etc.)

    Just be yourself at all times.

    That's all anyone can really ask for, right?


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  • Clothes and makeup I wouldn't really mind the only thing I can't stand is a girl who lets her self go, when it comes to hair. If you start to become hairy because you haven't shaven, then it's a deal breaker for me

    • but in order for a girl to shave..the hair has to grow as gross as that may sound to you haha

    • I shouldn't be feeling body hair on her, basically

  • I don't think that would bother me.


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