GUYS: When it comes to the way women dress?

what is consider Sexy and what is consider to slutty, Last weekend I went to Vegas and walking around the strip I notice that a lot of women are wearing very short clothing, is that sexy for you guys?


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  • When it accentuates her femininity in a classy way, without showing too much. A simiple summer dress like the one on the left (only talking about the shape, not the print) link can be just as sexy as an 800 dollar prom dress.

    It becomes too slutty when the dress is very short like link or with extreme cleavage like these link especially gaga's dress.

    Ideal amount of leg is until the knees to a little above the knees like in the first. When it comes to cleavage, a tiny bet showing the "valley" between your boobs is enough to entice and still be classy.

    • oh totally agree with you, we are in the same page here, I mean its OK to show but to a limit :)

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  • It can be if it makes the girl feel sexy to. Don't wear it if it makes you feel self-concious because it shows through and creates a double-negative. Some girls do this and don't realize it can have an opposite effect, or attract the wrong type of guy. Be sexy because you want to be not because you are expected to be.

    • yeah, I'm not into that, my style is 1950's I wear long tight pencil skirts, dresses, but not too short, its just surprising how times changed

    • They do change quickly, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was people thinking they had to change to stay in fashion with it. If you have a style stick with it; show them how good you are. You can't do anymore than that.

  • Do you have a example picture you could show as to how short by "very short clothing?"


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