Girls, why does it seem like you only wear three things?

I'm in my first year of college and I've noticed that from this year and the last 4 years of high school it seems like basically all of the girls I see wear really short shorts, short tight skirts or jeans/sweatpants/yoga pants. I can get the whole jeans/sweatpants/yoga pants thing. My question is why do almost none of these girls wear proper length skirts (to around the knee) or maybe maxi skirts or something.Is it just the age group of the girls or is their no modesty anymore? I live in Florida by the way, in case that factors in to your answer.


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  • I think you named almost all the options besides dresses. Skirts, shorts, and pants... what else is there? Generally, attending classes is a casual occasion so I wouldn't wear my business suit or prom dress.

    But you're right - many girls where clothes that are way too small or short.

    • My main complaint is that most of the dresses/skirts girls wear are too short, like you mentioned. The dress you are wearing in your profile pic is the perfect lenght I'm mentioing it is knee length and not a mini skirt or short dress that most girls seem to wear.

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    • And thank you for BA

    • Your welcome beautiful.

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  • It's the competition.. each girl wants to be the hottest, and unfortunately to acquire that you have to apply the " the less, the better" notion. Yea they claim it's because they are more comfy and all that, but I don't believe it.

    • That's a good point, sometimes it depends on the girl wearing it too and how they act.

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    • Strange I though you would dress like the amish at the beach. link

    • Very funny.

  • Knee length skirts are great for the office and I wear them often, but in the spring an summer when it's warm (and often humid and sticky), shorter shorts and skirts are more comfortable for casual wear.

    Maxi skirts are trendy now, but they look awful on me. It looks like I'm wearing a curtain.

    I don't wear sweatpants out of the house or yoga pants to anywhere but yoga/the gym/quick errands. Jeans are comfortable and versatile.

    • That's too bad, I love girls when they wear maxi skirts. Why does it look like a curtain on you?

    • Different garments flatter different body types. I can't explain what about my body makes maxi skirts look bad, but they just look wholly unflattering and awful on me.

  • Because its impractical to wear that in college. Life is fast paced and busy so that type of dress is reserved for business/special occasions. Some girls do dress that way, but the younger ones tend not to for comfort and busy lifestyle purposes.

    • I'm don't have a problem with them wearing it, I have a problem with the fact that it is basically the same thing everyday.

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    • I don't see how a skirt like this link would be unoccassional to wear for college.

    • between transit or running/sitting in class etc. jeans or sweats are most comfortable for a girl. Same as why isn't a guy like yourself wearing a suit to class every day? answers your question.

  • I wear all kinds of things. Trends tend to play a hug part on that.

  • Well why do guys only wear one thing not just in college but their whole lives. *Pants (with a shirt)*... occasionally you will spot a random one walking about with shorts.

    • That's a good point but guys options are shirt with pants/shorts, jacket/vest optional. Girls have a lot more to choose from with what they wear. I'm not saying I hate that girls dress that way or they shouldn't, I just wish they would class it up a little more often.

  • Yes times have changed, I'm 27 years old and sometimes I feel old due to the fact that girls this days wear their clothes tooo short, in my opinion only prostitutes would wear something like that but my friends tell me that times changes and girls are more liberal,

    Its good to know thought that I'm not the only person who has this opinion.

    • I would say "prostitues" is little harsh to use, but I agree with everything else.

    • Did you ever wear clothing like that I high school or college?

    • No, maybe that's why my opinion is different, if I would of dress like that maybe I could of relate to it.

  • Knee length skirs are business attire. A lot or girls are still figuring out how to dress and short skirts are the most common "young" looking dress/skirt on the market. A lot of sundresses do come in reasonable lengths, but it seems that most clothes for young women either expose a lot of cleaveage or a lot of leg. But nobody wants to look old. I don't think its a lack of modesty as much as its hard to find classy clothes that don't make you look like a soccer mom, especially as women in their forties dress much hipper than they used to. Kinda like college guys in graphic tees -- they aren't ideal, they're overdone, but they are "young."

    • I think you could dress classy without looking like a soccer mom, but maybe its just me.

    • You can, it's just harder to find. Not all girls have a good sense of style, just like not all guys do. Hence the graphic tee analogy.

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