What do guys prefer when it comes to girls' body types?

It gets confusing sometimes for me on this subject and I don't know what to think. I know every guy likes something different..but then again there's a whole genre of music talking about one body type and how any girl who doesn't look this way is simply unattractive. On the other hand, the modeling agencies want girls who are scary skinny. So to put it simpler..would you prefer a girl shaped like Nicki Minaj ( even if she is fake)or Zoe Saldana?..and if you don't know who these women are, one is really curvy and the other is pretty thin. Please be honest

I would consider myself skinny and it makes me feel un-womanly..like I'm not very feminine do to my lack of curves :(...


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  • zoe is really skinny, but it actually looks good. I prefer curves myself.


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