Your opinions of this dress?

I was thinking of wearing this dress to my school's dance/prom!

I have long light brown hair, blue eyes, I'm tall and quite thin.


p.s any tips on accesories, hair, makeup would be appreciated

Please say why you like it or don't

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Guys can you tell me why you don't think it has the 'wow' factor? Is it because it doesn't show any leg?


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  • I like the dress. It seems complex and daring while secure and classy at the same time. The dress is very lengthy and blue which is good since you're tall and have blue eyes so that's a match. Check! The model in the picture link has light reddish hair. You have long light brown hair. That seem like a match to me. Check! The dress seems like a good fit for you! Check! I like it! Check! Now hair and makeup, that's up to you, so you should get another girl's advice on that okay. Good luck and have fun at prom! Hope my advice can help!


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  • I'd need to see it on you, but I fear you'll look like a stick from what you say, but I may be wrong - it depends how much hip you have and if the dress clings to them when you move or just drops. I'd hazard a guess that dress flatters women whose best feature is their cleavage. If you're tall and thin, your best feature is probably your legs. (aside from your no doubt lovely face ... )

    Personally I'm not a huge strapless fan but plenty are.

    Colour and overall style are pleasant.

    • It's not a clingy dress, the point of it is for it to fall. I wanted to avoid short dresses because I look too tall and I don't want to wear heels. And I find my big shoulders don't look great in strap dresses.

      I'm very tall, have wide shoulders, 'normal' sized cleavage(more on the small side than big - I'm a smallish B).

      Say I looked exactly like the model - this is just to test - what do you think of the dress? Too plain? Just 'pleasant'?

      Thanks :)

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    • I am dutch, i.e from the Netherlands. But I don't live there :)

      Thanks for all your answers :) I'm not trying to look short just 'normal tall' haha

    • I think its not a 'wow' dress because it really ONLY shows breasts and face (given the high waistline etc.) And I'm not much of a breast guy. I'd prefer something more fitted to a low waist. I also tend to think straps break up your shoulders in a flattering way.

      These probably reflect my taste more then anything else.

  • I like that dress I think it is beautiful and I'm sure you'll look beautiful in it, who ever you are going with is lucky. As for the whole doesn't show leg think, I don't have a problem with that, infact I think it looks nice not showing any leg, more mystery.


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  • I think it is beautiful! :D <3

  • ouuu I love the color and the part at the top

    wear earrings like those in the pic and maybe a silver necklace

  • i think it will look good with your blue eyes. go for the natural make up as it is quite sparkly. as for the accessories: less is more so don't go over the top.

  • its nice :) how you planning to have your hair... up or down?

    • I think down because I have a round face and don't look great with hair up

  • its not my style, but that kind of dress only looks good on girls who are tall and thin so rock it gurl. don't wear a necklace, itll be too much with the beading/bling on the top. match the gold tone of your earrings to your bracelets as well. I kind of think silver would look better but with you being a brunette its hard to tell.

    for make up and hair, just do what looks better for your shape of your face and skin color. try brown tho, it always looks good with blue eyed girls, and if you use a lot use a neutral lip color. the brown eyeshadow will also go with your dress.

    im pretty fashionable, and considered going to school for it.

  • I like it, but these are more of my style: link link

    • Too princessy for me, but thanks for the input ;D

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    • who cares what these guys think about the "wow" factor if you like it, wear it.

    • Just curious :) I'm going to get it ^^

  • It's beautiful! love the color and the dress. I'd definitely wear your hair down in soft curls

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