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I met a guy on the net and we planned to see each other in summer But now we mostly dirty talk and in summer we surely gonna do it but my belly is covered in stretch marks and I don't know if I should tell him from now, wait a bit and tell him or let him see bu himself when we see each other? He said not a lot of things could turn him off and I think if he sees those he will really be turned off and kind of dissapointed if I could say... Please tell me what you think about it! And thanks!


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  • Attraction is less about how a woman looks and more about how she FEELS, or how she inspires HIM to feel. The more comfortable you feel in your own skin the more sexy he will find you. And the more insecure and uncomfortable you act/think/behave the more he will too.

    1) It's not your responsibility to MAKE him like you... let him figure that out for himself. There's nothing as unattractive as a girl trying to make a boy like him. Instead remember that you're awesome and that it's his loss if he doesn't agree.

    2) Worry more about whether he's good enough for you or not, not the other way around.

    3) If you're uncomfortable in your own skin then you should:

    a) Develop a healthy life style that leads you to a healthy appearance (diet, exercise, etc)

    b) Think about and resolve any past emotions traumas that still linger and that might be hurting your self esteem or self confidence.

    c) Use older women as mentors if you need help figuring out such things. Older wiser women are a great resource!

    4) Don't fool yourself... you're perfect and awesome just as you are. And the happier you are with yourself the happier your next boyfriend will be too.


    ~ Robby

  • nothing wrong with some dirty talk, it starts out like that but hopefully ends with the real thing, how bad are the stretch marks? I wouldn't worry about it too much though, if he likes he prob won't care much.

    • The problem is that they are kinda really bad and I've tried many ways to remove them but it didn't work plus I'm losing weight a lot now so some are growing...

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