I wear Hollister jeans. Cute?

I like my Hollister stuff. Shirts, jeans, jackets. What do guys think of that? If you think it is a turn off, please extrapolate.


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  • Hott. But didn't you mean to say elaborate instead of extrapolate? lol


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  • Thumbs up! Surfer/beach girl look is good in my book!

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  • Hollister is mostly a turn on. Its not amazing, but you can't go wrong with it. Just don't wear those crazy shorts those make you look slutty. TNA is even better though.

    • TNA??????

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    • O you probably don't know the brand then. I jsut see a lot of girls in my school wear that stuff. I don't know if its available where you live. Its not a big brand like hollister.

    • Oookay, okay. I gotcha.

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