Can you tell what a guys body type is without him taking his shirt off?

Or what about if you hug a guy? Can you feel his muscles? A girl said that she reminds me of another guy who's "secretly muscular".


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  • Being 8% body fat and extremely vascular is a dead give away for me


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  • I'd have to say no, my butt (all muscle) makes me look bigger in a lot of clothes but when I wear something fitted or take of my shirt off people are surprised how fit I am

    • Same with me kind of. Like my shoulders are wider and I wear looser shirts. Not gangster style its just the shirts just don't cling to me. I always dress modestly unless I'm going to the beach where I may wear a tank top. I think I look like a normal skinny guy cause my fore arms only show most of the time and they're not muscular, but when I take my shirt off people are surprised haha. I like it though it's like I'm Clark Kent when my shirts on.