What is classified as dressing slutty?

I need opinions...because maybe I do..

At this point...idk what is slutty anymore..I wear what I feel..but it seems like what I like wearing maybe an issue.

My aunt today said I looked slutty...I was like O.O

It was a nice day, I wore some animal print shorts and a black tank...idk..something like this>>> link

I don't think that was slutty, but maybe it was?

Can you please clarify how slutty outfits look like...because I just don't understand.


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  • OMG that was the most sluttiest outfit I have ever seen - you ought to be ashamed leaving the house like that!


    Nah that outfit is really casual for summer. It's freakin hot outside - what's she expect you to wear? A turtleneck?

    Slutty factor would greatly depend on your body shape and how you show it off.

    If your a small A with a delicate frame - you can pull off something like this - link in a more tasteful manner.

    Now if your a girl with DD's - your titties would be flying all out of that shirt lol :P

    You have to be aware of your sizes - it's okay to show cleavage, but not a ridiculous amount ( like where your shirt is a yawn away from showing a nipple -) if you have a big ass WEAR THE RIGHT SIZE SHORTS DAMMIT. That is so disgusting and raunchy when girls walk around with half their asses hanging out their shorts, or their ass cracks on public display.


    Also, I think you should show off one sexy part of you at a time, doubled up with a psuedo - sexy body part -

    Like maybe a shirt that shows off some cleavage, and then wear a lip stick that makes your lips look sexy / attractive.

    Or shorts to show off your legs and tight shirt to emphasize your curves -

    Something to that effect.

    If your trying to show off the boobs, show off the ass, show off the legs, show off the curves, show off all your skin - that's really pushing it into slutty.

    Just be aware of your body and the clothes you put on it.


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  • First of all, I don't think I'd tell a girl she looked "slutty" no matter what she was wearing, it's too disrespectful. I guess if I was in a heated argument that my fly out of my mouth but in normal conversation it's pretty rude. Then again, I'm not your aunt, or even a woman.

    Nothing in that picture you linked to seems inappropriate. Unless you're going to a wedding or a funeral.

    There is such a thing as going too far. But more often than not, some people just like wearing revealing clothes and there's no serious sexual intent behind it. If you're one of those people just say "Look, this is what I feel comfortable in. If you don't like it, too bad, it's not your body."

  • As long as you aren't walking around nude you aren't slutty.

    • so, bra and thong...is not slutty at all?

      lol how about those native tribes that wear no clothing for cultural symbolism?

    • Hey if you can rock it. go for it. :-P

      And pfft bring up cultural stuff on me huh? Nudists and cultural reasons are OK too :-P

  • That's not slutty. She could have just been jealous of you so she called it slutty

  • not slutty at all. my girlfriend wears mini skirt almost everyday but everyone still thinks she's perfect.

  • That's not remotely slutty. Are you sure she disapproves of your clothes or your body? Sometimes women get all judgy when they see another girl in clothes like that if the girl has serious boobs or a great butt. They then criticize the clothes when they'd never do that with a girl who was built like a guy.


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  • To me slutty means that a girl is sleeping around, not how she looks.

    Sure there are outfits that look trashy.


    basically what rihanna wears.lol

  • Ugh I totally have the same problem on deciding what's slutty or not. And if you look at most of the girls my age they dress slutty so I can't really follow their lead. I usually know I'm dressed okay if I look modest compared to them. I guess a good rule to follow is to show off one asset at a time instead of the whole package. That would make you sexy but not exactly slutty.

  • I don't think it looked slutty at all, but it all depends on who you talk to. People that have different morals and were raised differently have different opinions.

    Example: I may think think what you were wearing wasn't slutty and just fine, but my grandma, who came from a different time where you covered up more may think it is.

    It just depends on how they were raised.

  • I would trade my aunt in.

    That's not slutty, trashy or whatever word you want to use.

  • Yeah... it's hard to tell in this day and age :( I've been obsessed with body con mini skirts ( link link ) for YEARS but only recently decided to wear them because my figure just makes them look slutty. when I wear things that cling gently my curves are just so prominent and my legs are so long :/ I could make a high waisted business skirt look slutty if it's not exactly knee length. whatever :p

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