Decreasing shoulder width

I have very borad shoulder for a girl. They are about 19,5 inch (average is 17)

I think partly they are so broad because I have a lot of muscle there, but also because of bone structure.

I tried to lose muscles there, but it just doesn't work. How would you do that? I can't stop exercising at all.

Is there anything else I can to actually decrease them (not just dress favourably)? Is there any surgery? Would it help if I take estrogens?

I hate my body structure, it just sucks. You can almost change everything about your body but I couldn't find a effective way to change that yet


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  • brad shoulders isn't necessarily a bad thing on a girl. I knew this girl who worked at a farm or something like that and she had wide shoulders but was still very cute because it went with the rest of her body. if you get what I mean.

    • idk, I really think most guys think it's very unattractive and I think it's unattractive too. I just can never look really feminie and really 19 inch is huge, even for men average is 18

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    • Sorry to write again, but I found a pic that looks a lot like me (just without the fake boobs). When you google Michelle Molbegott and click on the first pic that appears

      don't you think that her shoulders make her look very masculine?

    • it does make her look a bit tough but it's nothing that would stop me from asking her out. If you would like you can send me a message with a pic of you.

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  • You can't chane your body, so accept it. Show off the shoulders like many Latinas too, use large earrings to take attention away from them.

    Wear clothes that show off your waist. The wide shoulders make your waist long really small, so take advantage of that and the natural curves you have that other women don't.

    If yu kepyour waist small with exercise it will lok miniscule if you wear clothes that acentuate the difference between your shoulders and the relatively tiny waist.

    See, there's a silver lining. Stop worrying about this; none of us guys care if your shoulders are wide!


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  • You can't really change this, that's like asking if there's anyway to make yourself taller.

  • stop training this part of your body (shoulder muscles, neck muscles, arms muscles) this with time could decrease the volume of the muscles so it would decrease the overall width of the shoulders but because of the bone structures you can not do anything much about it, just try to wear things that suit your body bones structure