Your opinions in my type of body.

Just wanted to hear what you all think about my type of body, and if you ever have come across something like it before.

1. My boobs. They're uneven, one is a D-cup and the other one is between C & D. You can notice the different sizes.

2. My whole body is tight/toned except for my thighs, which are kind of ''shaky'' and ''luscious'', not as toned as the other parts of my body. (I do not look like a body builder, I don't even look well-trained)

Just wanted to hear your honest opinions, :)


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  • Most boobs are uneven, just to varying degrees. No big deal there. Hey, it gives you variety! (Bra shopping must suck though)

    And soft thighs rock.

    • really? lol

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    • she can buy a D cup bra and a large C cup bra cut them in half and sow the proper ones together.

      just make sure that the bra's are built the same. IE solder straps and clips and all that stuff.

    • Still a pain in the butt. They should manufacture bras like that.

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  • Awesome numbers

  • the odd size boobs would be a bit of a turn off for me but if we get along and I enjoy your personality (hopefully long before I see your boobs) I would try to look past that.

  • dont worry about it. no one is perfect. I have stretchmarks... :/ oh well lol


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  • emm.. maybe tone up your legs.. && Pad your smaller boob so it matches the other one so it's not noticeable.. (: Just sounds like awkward body growth stages maybe? I don't think I've ever seen the different sized boobs thing before. But the legs yeah

  • you sound fine to me. What does your butt look like? Flat or does it stick out?

    • it's not flat at all, I like it!

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