Why do guys like women who like model tall &slim & good looking?

why do men like these type of women who like models but are similar

so what happen to girls who are short ,fat and not attractive looking

like me what happen me where do likes me end up when we are not born genetic perfect who did not win genetic lotto like so many other people have take it for granted which makes me mad

please no shallow tackless answers like some guys give none of those please I feel bad enough already being single looking like I do due guys being way to shallow about age height weight shape of face it make finding guy for some fun difficult .when they want such high standards of beauty I can not reach I don't genes to do it so I lose because if it .it more then make up ,hair ,diet it genes and genetic there more science to it then being shallow

PLEASE NO HARD WIRED LINE IT DOES ME HEAD WHEN I HEAR IT .WOMEN CAN EQUAL SHALLOW BUT I FIND MEN DON'T LIKE IT WHEN THEY PUT ON THE SPOT BUT DO IT TO WOMEN ALL TIME NO FAIR . I meet guy before he god gift to women all because he good looking with huge ego to match he calls himself hot young stud I think women just like him because of looks not much else they go along with personality accept what ever cheating abuse charm he give he knows the girls won't leave him because if his good looks there has good out due the royal treatment he gets .ye t he can be so shallow to others like he called me old woman and cougar and jerk all because I was trying to cheer I told I was not good looking and heavy and age

after 4 moths he got rid of me he was so interstsed after that


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  • what type of guys are you into? I'm 5ft1 and I find anyone close to or over 6ft almost kinda intimidating so I like shorter cute girls. as for looks I try to be open but I am shallow when it comes to beauty because I don't like the idea of dating ugly girls.

    for me ugly is when their teeth are always showing or they have a weird looking nose.

    • any guy that is nice to me which is none .but the guys I like are reall shallow I pick guys not known they that shallow one very good looking guy he said he wants tall slim and good looking like model they type he goes for pretty all other guys are much I am from Ireland and I am Irish there a lot foreign beauty' in my country now they all tall slim great geneti good looks like models it was hard before now its practally impossible to get guy forgern lads are much worse any over 30 in there co

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    • generally I don't think anyone should be humiliated but he is one of the few people that doing it might teach him a lesson.

    • he not going get any bad karma its only me who gets it over and over he get no lesson he won't be ever though lesson guys like him DON'T GET BAD AND BAD LUCK he is too lucky away too lucky even freinds say he very lucky before he half the stuff he got now good looks brains tons of freinds he has no problem find girl no problem every where he goes there girls wating in the wings for any never short of girl he player he has great social he travel the world he is going to very good paying job as w

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