Snake bite piercing Help.

Kay I am seriously considering getting snake bites (two piercings on each side of the mouth under lips) so I was just wondering if you could tell me EVERYTHING you know about them. It would be more helpful if you actually have them. Does it hurt badly? Is it annoying to have them? Risks? Cleaning? How long it takes to heal? How long does it take to stop swelling? Does it scar if I decide to ditch them? What is better rings or studs? Studs or rings saver? Does it affect eating? What's your opinion on them? And anything else I left out. I know its a lot, but I really want to know everything about them before I get them. THANKS SO MUCH BAI! Help is appreciated <3


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  • I like pain so it didn't hurt me like it would the 'normal' person, But It Did Hurt.

    It's annoying while it's healing.

    There is a risk that your body can reject it and It won't heal properly, Or it won't heal At All, Causing it to pus a lot, (It's quite awful).

    It's important to keep them clean. Remember that they are on your face. You Do Not want to get and infection on the First thing someone looks at when they see you> Your Face.

    I can't remember the healing time, But different people heal at different rates, So some heal quick while others take much longer.

    They didn't swell much, But I've seen someone who was the opposite, And hers swelled big time.

    YES, THE HOLE MARKS WILL STILL BE THERE, (BE VISIBLE) IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THEM OUT. (Really Really Think About That Okay?) If you have your ears pierced, Look at your ears without earrings and Imagine those holes under each side of your lip. That is just about what it's going to look like when taken out, (Not very pretty, Huh?)

    I like to switch the jewelry. Sometimes I like them to be bold, Other times I want them more subtle.

    I have bitten down on them a few times while eating. I think it depends on the type of jewelry, The position of the jewelry in the inside of your mouth, And the position of your teeth.

    I hope I answered all of your questions : )


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