Describe who a man/woman should be

I want 10 characteristics of your PERFECT woman/man. LOOKS ARE NOT INCLUDED! It's obvious you wouldn't want an ugly person.


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  • 1) emotionally stable

    2) good relationships with family and friends

    3) good amount of confidence (not insecure, but not an overconfident bitch)

    4) decent sex drive

    5) outgoing (can have fun doing almost anything)

    6) Takes pride in her appearance (clothing and physical)

    7) is good with/likes kids

    8) has some life goals (don't need to be driven to be the CEO of a huge corporation, but career aspirations are nice).

    9) Similar interests as me.

    10) Kind and friendly

    • Wow.. you sound like an easy going kinda guy. Am I right? Love your description emotionally stable. I never thought of that, lol

    • I would definitely consider that a accurate description of myself yeah. I realize many women are more emotional than men, and I realize that as your Boyfriend its my job to be there for you when you are having a hard time, but I don't want to feel like I'm your psychologist because your having a mental breakdown every other day.

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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. good conversation

    2. caring

    3. respectful

    4. chill

    5. same taste in music

    6. likes kids

    7. smart - not manipulative

    8. open about their feelings

    9. sense of humor

    10. close with family and friends


What Girls Said 2

  • 1.thoughful

    2. cares

    3. loving

    4. cuddler

    5.likes conversating

    6. adventerous

    7. fit

    8. has common sense

    9. happy person

    10. not perfect

    perfect is boring.

  • I want an ugly person because I am not shallow. :|

    • i just feel the way a person looks isn't all that important when discussing intellectual compatibility. That's all I'm not shallow at all.