How much pride and effort do you put into your appearance?

What all do you do to maintain your looks and keep it fly, if at all?


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  • A decent amount off effort.

    I eat well and I exercise 5-6 times a week to keep my body somewhat in shape.

    I love going all out and dressing up, but only do it for an event or night out.

    Daily I'm pretty casual, but I'm not a complete hobo unless I'm chilling at home. My hair is reasonably low maintenance. It's super long, but I don't heat style it unless I'm going out (even then I often won't).

    I don't do anything crazy though - I'm fairly low maintenance. The only thing is that I'm freakishly hygienic.

    I like feeling good about myself and putting in some effort gives me more confidence.


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  • Well, I finally got rid of the lice and I haven't blacked out in almost a week. Life can be good if we just work at it.

  • Other than the daily 20 or so minutes of taking a shower and shaving and such, not too much. I keep my hair short. I've actually been losing weight but I wouldn't say I put a ton of effort into it I just make the right choices and exercise a moderate amount. Clothes wise I don't put much effort into. I suppose I get out of it what I put in

  • There are several points to consider:

    1. Guy or girl;

    2. Self-image (or lack thereof).

    3. Vanity --- a result of 2.

    4. Girls: Clean, clothes that she feels comfortable in, little to no makeup, brushed hair, light perfume == irresistable. More so because she's not trying to put on a show.

    5. Same as 4, except substitute after-shave for perfume.

  • i can't be bothered to look good. I just do the basics. like keep myself clean. other than I can't be bothered to keep looking good, I just think to myself, why do I need to keep trying to impress people. the average person doesn't care what you look like. sounds so negative, I can't be bothered to keep looking good for women. and plus I have given up on the dating game. I am happy single for the rest of life.

    how much effort I put into it? track suit bottoms, t-shirt, cap, can't be bothered to style my hair. and plain jumper. basically everything is just plain, probably on the verge of scruffy.

    on a serious note, its blady hard-work to keep looking good all the time.and what for? its just easier to be plain.

  • 0 percent ! same pants and jacket everyday just a different t-shirt that's usually only 2 colors green or grey.

  • Always. Appearence is the first thing you are judged on so I like to take care of myself and make sure I always look presentable. Shave, shower and doing my hair is all I do. Probably a little cologne too. Takes me about one hour in total.

  • I usually get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, shave if I feel like it, then do my hair and get dressed, I also apply some light cologne too and then go about my day

  • I make sure my clothes match and my hair is combed. I iron my clothes too.

  • I read a lot of GQ

  • Workout like a mofo, don't eat any fabricated food, no candy, no alcohol etc. I'm not very good at fashion but I try to wear clothes I think girls find attractive.

  • don't give a sh*t, but when I go out in the public,i gel the hair,smell good, wear descent clothes and put on my swagger. lol


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  • When I was in high school I put forth like a 7 in maintainence. Now that I am college I don't have the time nor will to keep that up and honestly...I don't even miss that. I actually like keeping my maintanence to a 5 because it takes so little effort and I am not pressured to go higher because most people don't even care what you look like in college. The things I do to maintain a 5 are

    .General hygiene

    .Wash my hair every other day

    .Keep it natural and style it in a bun or some kind of braid. Sometimes when I feel like it I will style it a little.

    .Whiten my teeth once in a while if they start looking yellow from my coffee

    .Exercise 4 times a week

    .Eat a healthy well balanced diet

    .Drink lots of water

    .No makeup because my skin is good and I look just fine without it

    .Dress comfortably but still kinda stylish

    .and try to keep a positive outlook on life because who wants a frown face person?

    That's pretty much all I do and I actually feel much more happier and self assured then I did in high school.

  • Checklist:

    *Basic hygiene stuff

    *Tweeze eyebrows

    *Whiten teeth as needed

    *Manicures here and there

    *Pedicures here and there

    *Exercise at least 4 times a week (gym or I ride my bike)

    *Viitamins:BcompleX,vitamin E,Fish oil capsules


    *I love fragrances

    *Fun makeup on some days

    *Positive self affirmations

    *Laughing and smiling everyday

  • I do put quite a bit of pride and effort into my appearance. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say it's a 5, simply because it's become routine for me and I don't think it's anything special. I broke everything down, so it appears to be alot, but in the moment, it takes me less than 30 minutes to get ready for school in the morning(that's including a shower)

    -Cleanse, tone & moisturize & acne treatment, morning and night

    -Exfoliate once a week

    -Face mask once a week

    -I get my eyebrows threaded and shaped every 2 weeks

    -Shampoo hair every other day, cause it's curly

    -Condition everyday, even on the days I don't shampoo

    -Deep condition 1-2x a week & do an extra strong deep conditioner once a month

    -Use natural oils such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, Amla oil and Sweet almond oil, on my hair as my leave in conditioner

    -Mousse on my hair, wear it down curly (major fail LOL)

    -1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed in one of my meals, every single day, cause flax is packed with omega 3 fatty acids which are great for hair and skin

    -2 fish oil supplement a day, one multivitamin and a couple of biotin pills a day

    -Salmon or tuna, 3 days a week. Again, packed with omega 3 fatty acids

    -I used to exercise, not any more

    -I only drink water and occasionally sweet tea

    -I have braces on(perfect teeth)

    -I floss, brush my teeth with a manual, "soft" bristled brush, then brush my teeth with an Oral-B electric brush, then use a tongue scraper to clean the tongue & then a mouth rinse(either Fluoride or Listerine)

  • Hmm ... Depends where I'm going. If I'm off to work then shower, brush my teeth, choose my clothes, do my hair (either curled / straightened), then my makeup, the finishing touches like earings, spray, etc. Oh I always need to make sure my nails look perfect & my eyebrows are done.

  • My effort level has gone down so far in the past year.

    I leave my hair natural now, whereas I used to style it almost every day

    I wear concealer and mascara usually

    I wear really casual clothes. A t shirt and yoga pants/jeans usually

    I don't have a set workout or eating routine, but I mostly eat fairly healthy, and I run and walk my dogs a couple times a week.

    I don't get my nails or anything done, but I do soak my feet and give myself mani/pedis every weekend.

  • It's eh.

    I workout but I still need to lose weight and tone.(hopefully high intensity workouts and weights will do the trick)

    I try to eat healthy for the most part (limit on refined carbs and sugars and no fast food.)

    I mostly don't give a sh*t what I wear. I'm actually wearing workout clothes most of the time or I'm at work. Other than that, it's like jeans a shirt or a sundress.

    I only wear eyeliner for my makeup and pearled earrings for my jewelry.

    My hair is brushed for the most part and is naturally straight

    And I spray sweet pea from bath and body works

    I keep it simple.

  • a fair amount. I do some kind of exercise everyday, typically running. I always wear clean stuff, hair straightened or brushed, eyeliner. at home however... lol... I look like a hobo :D

  • I work out pretty much every single day. I wear makeup and straighten my hair. I wear jewelry.

    Normal stuff. Nothing interesting.

    • How do you workout everyday? I would be exhausted lol 3 days a week is enough for me!

    • It depends on what she considers a workout, some people consider walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes a workout so of course that can be done every day.

  • keep hair done

    keep outfit fresh and new

    signature scent

    couple swipes of makeup

    eyebrows done

    eyelashes curled

    teeth bleached

    take 2 showers everyday lol

  • head- my hair I always gotta make it look good and the waxing of my eye brows! no make up unless its a special occasion

    clothing- I don't try much unless its a special occasion

  • a decent amount but I've met girls who do more.

    i wash my hair every day so it isn't oily sometimes I iron it which takes less than 20 minutes but looks best most of the time

    don't dye my hair

    get a smoothing treatment about twice a year

    eyebrows threaded every few weeks

    nails every 3 or so weeks

    put on some makeup every day but not usually a full face, just some liner, mascara, a bit of concealer and sometimes powder my brows slightly since they fall on the thin side

    and I go to the gym about 4 times a week to keep up my figure, I could be better about what I eat..i tend to sometimes eat a lot and sometimes be healthy but I'm not fat because I balance it.

    i don't always wear such fancy or put together clothes but I'm not the type who walks out in sweats and a baggy tee with my hair a mess either. at the very least I usually wear jeans and a plain solid shirt that is fitted.

  • On a scale from 1-10 maybe a 3 or 4.

    I understand that I could be putting a ton more effort into my appearance and I have done that for a while (I was maybe at about an 8. If I put more effort into fashion it would have been a 9) but honestly it didn't improve my self confidence any, I didn't notice any difference in the way that people treated me, guys STILL didn't notice me, so basically it was a waste. I'm a lot happier now too.

    What I do:

    I have a little skin regimen, a brush my teeth, make my hair look somewhat decent, wear lipbalm because chapped lips feel uncomfortable, and I just make sure I'm clean. I do a little bit of cardio but that's purely for health reasons.

    What I don't do:

    I don't use perfume-waste of money

    I rarely shave-no one is seeing the hairy parts anyway so it's a waste of time

    Make my hair look nice-I make sure it looks somewhat decent which actually takes a lot just to get that way so I don't bother trying to make it look exceptionally nice.

    Put on makeup-It feels disgusting and it made my skin worse and gets all over everything.

    Wear accessories- Meh seems like a waste. I own two rings and a pair of earrings and I don't even wear those I just keep them for sentimental value.

    Put thought into what I'm going to wear-I think it's stupid.

    Do my eyebrows-I think it's unnecessary unless you have a unibrow. Natural eyebrows look so much better.

    ...and anything else that I didn't include in my "what I do list"

    I feel so free now. I don't feel like a slave to beauty.

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