What are some suggestions that can improve my appearance and/or looks?

I was screwed over by my ex last October, and it's taken me a little while but I feel like I'm stronger and better for overcoming that. Now, I still would love to know where I stand with girls (as I'm sure most guys would) but I haven't had much luck in the dating department. A lot of that was having to live under my dad's thumb growing up. Now, I'm 23, about to graduate college, and I've been in the gym the last 2-3 years to build up some bulk. I have a nice facial hair line for a beard, no mustache. I have thick but medium length hair. I have a slender body type, but also I studder a lot when I talk. I've done that my whole life. I've been thinking about ways to tweak my appearance to get more attention and looks. I have no tattooes, nor do I intend to, but I can't tan very well either. I'm not ghost white, but not dark. Any suggestions?


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  • Try getting a new hair cut, probably a new wardrobe clothing that suits you. Stuttering can be controlled for most people try to take your time talking and avoid anxiety. Try new social activities and places to meet people.

    • I just got two new suits for Easter, I love to look sharp. I was predominantly aiming for critiques to my appearance. I'm a social person but my stuttering comes and goes. Maybe I wasn't specific on the blog but I do appreciate your input. A lot of girls in this area are in favor of long hair. However, I'm considering the air force when I'm through with school and their policy is anything but long hair

    • Long hair suits some guys but others it doesn't so chose the style that is suited for you. Your stammer will go over time when you learn how to control it, but in all honesty if someone likes you then they shouldn't be put off by it. I'm sure you'll look sophisticated in your suit. All the best and you are welcome.

  • I just checked out your pics. Cut the hair off! Even Beiber chopped his lol :) Good luck!


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